Officer Confronts Mentally Ill Naked Man by St. Johns River

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An officer recently had to confront a mentally ill man who was spotted by civilians down by the St. Johns River. He was notable because he had removed his clothes, suggesting that something was wrong. This whole incident raises a number of important questions about how the police force should deal with these situations.

On one hand, the police acted admirably and they did exactly the right thing. This man needed to be removed because he was breaking the law, regardless of his mental state. ( More … )

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17 Year Old Suspect Shot Yielding Fake Plastic Gun

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In early January 2012, officers shot and killed a 17-year-old robbery suspect who was yielding a fake plastic gun. The 17-year-old is suspected to be responsible for over nine convenience store robberies in the area.

The two officers were observing a Kangaroo gas station on Old Middleburg Road at Fouraker Road. The store is one of two convenience stores in the area that had been robbed several times in the previous months.

Just before three in ( More … )

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The Home Improvement Boom of Jacksonville

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You have heard about the housing market and all the ups and (mostly) downs involved there, but did you know about the home improvement boom of Jacksonville? It started up shortly after the housing crisis – that’s when all manner of home improvement services from the stores like Ace Hardware to the services like Home Pro Improvement started getting the calls.

Ever since the housing crisis, homeowners looking to sell have really had a rough go of it. Because homes on the market are being valued and appraised for much lower than they are truly worth (or what was invested initially) homeowners are looking for every opportunity to break even on their returns.

Some people install new appliances like dishwashers and fans. Some people install home security systems since some have been known to raise value. Many call the home improvement experts to paint the walls, replace the floors and do anything else to help make the home more appealing.

As the housing market continues its very slow recovery, it’s not unreasonable to imagine that we will not only see more home improvement services crop up, but newer ways in which the services are offered. All this, while the home improvement boom spreads from Jacksonville across the country itself.

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Southside Jacksonville Apartment Complex Rattled by Drive By Shooting

category Uncategorized admin Saturday 23 March 2013

On February 10, 2012, an apartment complex on the south side of Jacksonville was rattled by a drive-by shooting. Some of the tenants had bullet holes and shattered windows in their homes, but thankfully, no one was injured in the shooting. The shooting occurred around 8 p.m. The person shot at the building multiple times. The apartment complex is located across the street from San Jose Catholic Church.

One person stated that a bullet came through his wall and put a hole in the kitchen. There were also holes in the front door of the building. After the shooting was ( More … )

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Jacksonville Memorial Hospital Opposes Shands Construction

Shands Hospital, one of the most well-known hospitals in the state of Florida and around the country, plans to start construction on a new 110 bed hospital in Jacksonville on the corner of Interstate 95 and Duval Road. The hospital will have departments for emergency, obstetrics, general surgery, imaging, laboratory, and outpatient rehabilitation, as well as all-private rooms.

Shands hospital received approval for their Certificate of Need to build the new medical center in December 2011. However, the construction of the new facility has been met with some resistance from Jackson Memorial Hospital, which has filed an appeal of the certificate stating ( More … )

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Jacksonville Community Hospice Looking for Therapy Dog Volunteers

Therapy dogs bring comfort and smiles to thousands across the country, visiting schools, hospitals, and hospices to spread their special brand of canine wisdom and good cheer. Jacksonville Community Hospice is currently seeking therapy dogs to participate in their volunteer program and visit their residents, many of whom are in need of the kind of company and compassion therapy dogs provide.

If you have a dog that you feel would make an excellent therapy dog, many organizations exist to help you and your canine receive the necessary training to receiver therapy dog certification. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs can come from a wide variety of breeds and mixed breeds – only their personality/temperament and their ability to obey commands truly matter, not their size or genetic background. For determined handlers with calm and responsive dogs, training may be quick and easy, although for those without previous obedience experience, mileage may vary!

Right now, many organizations, including the hospice, are dealing with a greater demand for therapy dogs than they have ever experienced before. If you are a therapy dog handler and want to be involved, please contact Jacksonville Community Hospice. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community!

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Wheelchair Bound North Jacksonville Man Attacked and Robbed

The intersection of Dunn Avenue and Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville, Florida, is usually a fairly quiet route and certainly no one expected what happened recently in the 2900 block of Dunn Avenue. On February 10, 2012, a man confined to a wheelchair was violently robbed and relieved of his wallet in a shameless attack on the handicap. The man in the wheelchair was a 55-year old resident of North Jacksonville.
Fortunately, the disabled man only received minor bruises from the senseless incident. Police are still looking for the coward who chose to target a man in a wheelchair that day. Unfortunately, the ( More … )

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Saint Johns County Day Girls Soccer Team Wins State Title

category Uncategorized admin Tuesday 22 May 2012

In a dominant performance, St. John’s Country Day High School won the girls’ soccer class 1A state championship over Palmetto Bay Palmer Trinity. Winning the game 7-1, St. John’s was leading at the half 4-0 before relinquishing one goal and scoring a further three. The championship brings the school’s total up to four, equaling the records set by Bolles and Nease.

The win also coincided with the final game of Carson Pickett who has been one of the star players for the St. John’s Spartans since she entered seventh grade. A ( More … )

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Jacksonville Police Release Video of Regency Mall Shooting

Jacksonville Police released the video showing the shooting incident that occurred at Regency Mall this past Friday. In addition to the video footage there were enhanced images that showed the individuals who were involved.

Shortly after the video hit the airwaves there was the announcement that police had located the gunman and had already placed him under arrest.This incident is only one of several unsettling episodes that has taken place recently in the Jacksonville community. With emotions running high this arrest could not have ( More … )

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